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Belevsky Black currant MARMALADE/fruit jelly It has been described as light, airy puffs with a delicate apple flavor. Made of only three components: apples baked in wood stoves, egg whites and sugar, makes it not only delicious but a healthy snack with a little history! From time immemorial peasants managed to bake apples, grind them, beat them with egg whites, honey, and dry them on ""slow heat"" in cooled off Russian wood stoves. In 1947 production of Belevsky Pastila was restored after the Second World War and continued to thrive to this day even reaching as far as the court of Queen Elizabeth II. The Belevsky pastilla is made of special apples with the highest amount of pectin -a sugar acid that helps to eliminate toxins from the body. WEIGHT 9.1 oz Barcode 4630014500409 SHELF LIFE 12 MONTHS "

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