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This spicy sauce is made from the oldest recipe found in menus from Georgia and Armenia.
Adjika Sauce Zakuson is used in Georgia and Armenia the way mustard is in America - with any dish that needs extra flavor and spicy heat!

Russian hot sauce adjika zakuson perfect goes with:

  • steak
  • ham
  • meat
  • bbq
  • lamb
  • duck
  • chicken
  • fish

The composition of traditional adjika does not include tomato tomatoes, and the main ingredient is red pepper, generously powdered with fresh garlic and salt.

Adjika is a low-calorie supplement to meal. Per 100 grams is from 37 to 84 kilocalories, depending on the composition. Spicy seasoning causes appetite, pleasant to the taste, has a number of protective properties, protecting the body from harmful viruses.

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